Cyndle Komarovski

Posted on November 17 2014

Make-up artist Cyndle Komarovski by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

I first met make-up artist Cyndle Komarovski in September 2011 at a then YSL event in New York where she was assisting an artist working with the Wall Group. I remember how my dear friend Gabriele Verratti and I were immediately struck by her beauty and energy. We made a little group for ourselves that night and stayed in touch sporadically over the years. Fast forward to this past September when Cyndle and I reconnected at a Lucky Magazine dinner hosted by Eva Chen.

Make-up artist Cyndle Komarovski Image 2 By Tamu McPherson

We really enjoyed catching up at the dinner, but were blessed with more quality time the morning after, as Cyndle accidently picked up the gift bag where I had placed my clutch and brought it home with her. We met at the Maritime for a breakfast of avocado toast, and this is what the rising star shared with me.

I grew up in a small beach town in Massachusetts called Winthrop, it’s about 20 minutes out of Boston. In my teenage years I was really influenced by punk rock music, and this inspired the way I dressed and experimented with makeup. I would wake up every morning before school and design my makeup look of the day. My favorite was drawing leopard spots in the shape of a cat eye with some sort of neon color eye shadow as my base. I had some interesting techniques! Back in those days you didn’t have a Sephora, you had CVS. I would use Chap stick as an eye shadow base, whatever I had I made it work.

My next-door neighbor was a lead makeup artist for Laura Mercier cosmetics. She is the one who opened my eyes to the fact that makeup could be an actual career. About two years after speaking with her, I moved to NY and here I am seven years later!

Some of my favorite makeup artists inlcude Mark Carrasquillo, Diane Kendal and the amazing fashion and beauty illustrator from the late 70s mid 80s, Antonio Lopez.

I am a lover of the bare face and dewy skin trend, but it would be fun to see women take more risks, experiment more with their look. It can give you a new confidence, wear some blue mascara, go wild.

For the holidays, go for hints of metallic on the eyes, 1960s inspired lashes and eyeliner, it’s about eyes rather then lips. Although I do love NARS velvet lip pencil in Le Train Bleu, it’s a classic dark berry lipstick.

Beautify weapon? Lucas Paw Paw ointment. I have it in my bag at all times, if I have a meeting and need a quick refresh, I use it as a highlight on my cheekbones, down my nose and on my eyelids. It’s not just a great lip moisturizer, you can use it on cuticles and bug bites.

This winter I can’t get enough of Tatcha’s hydrating mask. I have skin on the drier side and this mask REALLY helps give me back that summery glow. Also, Laura Mercier’s blonde eyebrow pencil, it’s a grayish taupe color and can be used on almost anyone’s eyebrow color, I don’t leave the house without it, it looks really natural.

Please enjoy a gallery of Cyndle’s work here. For more information, please view her portfolio on Brydges MacKinney. Xoxo, Tamu

Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 1 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 4 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 8 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 6 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 9 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 3 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 10 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 11 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 2 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 5 Cyndle Komarovski Portfolio ATPB Gallery Image 7



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