Corrada, Delfina and Sole — Co-founders of Blazé

Posted on January 13 2015

Hey there Loves,

It’s been a while since we published a Pretty Birds Profile. So we’re so excited to start the New Year off with a profile of Corrada, Delfina and Sole (Sunshine), co-founders of the made-to-order blazer line, Blazé. I met Corrada at the editorial offices of Elle Italia when I was a contributor there and she a stylist. I am extremely fond of her as we collaborated on the very first editorials I ever photographed. We shared countless priceless moments working on those stories. Like the time we were editing over night, and Piero woke up several times and made his way to my home-office where he barraged us with toilet paper rolls in search of attention. Corrada, a poster child of patience, giggled upon every grand 2-ply entrance. I met Delfina a few years later at N’ombra de Vin, a local wine bar. I had heard so much about her – how fabulous she was, the mega-stylist that she had become in NY, her tough-cookie exterior – and frankly I was intimidated. But after a few glasses of white wine and a couple more N’ombra de Vin dates, we hit it off magically. I recently met Sole, but just like her name suggests, she is a ray of sunshine, was a total darling at our shoot and seems so darn cool. But it’s time to judge for yourselves, please enjoy getting to know these girls and discovering their Blazé.

When was Blazé founded?

In 2013


All three of us are lovers of the blazer – it’s so discreet, so iconic, but adaptable to infinite interpretations. We were fascinated by its long history and the many interpretations that have been dreamed up over the years. Inspired by its legacy, we designed a garment that combines the elegance of the exterior with the functionality of its interior.

Plus, A WOMENS ONLY, MADE-TO-ORDER BLAZER COLLECTION, that’s made in Italy by three stylist was missing from the market! Have you seen something like this anywhere else yet?

What’s the philosophy behind Blazé?

The belief that the blazer is the simplest and most elegantly discreet garment ever designed. It is one of the oldest and most rigorous uniforms of all time, universally recognized as a key symbol of elegance, but easily to adaptable to many occasions.

How did you come up with the name?

We played and merged the two english and french words: blazer and blase’.

In 1825, members of the Lady Margaret boating Club of the University of Cambridge, wore a scarlet-red single-breasted jacket, emblem of the club, hence the term blazer, referred to the bright fire-like color itself. A second version of the birth of the term blazer narrates that, in 1837, the captain of the frigate HMS BLAZER, ship belonging to the Royal Navy, on the occasion of the royal visit by Queen Victoria, ordered for his crew a uniform suited to the event and hence came the name. What was created was a blue double-breasted jacket with gold buttons depicting the coat of arms of the frigate. Since then, the blazer was adopted as the formal attire for sporting activities such as horseback riding, cricket, hunting, tennis and sailing.


Bla·sé (blä-ze’)


1. Having or showing a lack of excitement or interest in something especially because it is very familiar;

2. Unconcerned; nonchalan.

3. Very sophisticated.

Who is your muse?

JANE BIRKIN, Katherine Hepburn, FRANCOISE HARDY, Betty Catroux, Caroline De Maigret, all women with a strong personality and a touch of “masculine” style.

Who is your client?


A signature detail of a Blazé blazer?

Surely our signature pocket, that we like to call “Smiley pocket.” Also, the four pockets positioned in the lining are conceived to contain everything that usually goes into a pochette, “freeing” the woman from the need to wear a clutch or small purse, without altering the line of the garment. And last but not least, the customization process that we make for each client.

What were you doing before you launched Blazé?

The three of us styled for many international magazines and consulted for fashion brands. We all met at Italian Elle, where we worked for a long time.

Who is responsible for what at Blaze’?

Corrada is responsible for research, textiles and production. Delfina handles our social media platforms, deals directly with our clients and plans our events. Sole manages our business and pitches in planning events. But we are all hands on when it comes to the design and production of our blazers.

What are your goals for 2015?


ATPB Questionnaire:

Name: Corrada

Occupation:  Blazé full time, then family property management.

Passion: Interiors

Hometown: Rome

Current town: Milan

Favorite cities: London

Favorite place to shop in London:  Spitafield market

Favorite place to dine in London: Maggie Jones, High Street Kensington

Favorite breakfast: Home, anywhere I am.

Beauty and wellness routine: Pole gym and healthy food.

Skin:  I use Carita’s products.

Where do you cut your hair? In Capri, da Peppino.

Describe your style:  simple, classy, always sexy, but covered up.

Favorite brands: Ralph Lauren for fashion, then anything else that is not too fashion.

Style rules:  I just love blue jeans, dark colours or light neutrals. I hate busy prints, and anything on the silhouette that is unnecessary.

Favorite poet – a line from his or her poem: Rudyard Kipling

    “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,

    Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch,

    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,

    If all men count with you, but none too much;

    If you can fill the unforgiving minute

    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,

    And—which is more—you’ll be a Man, my son!”

Favorite season:  Summer.

Favorite place: By the water.

Favorite texture: Leather, because it has nothing to do with me.

Favorite color:White, because I love everything and nothing.

Favorite book: Seneca-on the shortness of life. “The greatest obstacle to living is expectancy, which hangs upon tomorrow and loses today.”

Favorite artist: The painter William Turner.

Favorite fragrance: Gardenia, my house in Sicily has them in the garden.

Favorite decade: The 18th Century, when my family home in Sicily was built.

Favorite planet – why:  Ours, because we are on earth and should love it.

Favorite flower – why:  Gardenia, reminds me of home.

What do you do before you go to bed?  Read, 2 cigarettes, pray, close my eyes.

Name: Delfina

Occupation:  Blazé full time, styling when I have time.

Passion: Books, horseback riding, exploring new places and cultures.

Hometown: Bruxelles – Belgium BRUXELLES – BELGIUM

Current Town: Milan

Favorite Cities: Paris, Buenos Aires

Favorite place to shop in those cities: Buenos Aires- Enseres Kitchen / Paris – Merci

Favorite place to dine in those cities: Buenos AiresLa Vinya de Defensa, in Sant’Elmo /Paris – Robert e Louise and an old French Brasserie on Rue Vielle Du Temple.

Favorite Breakfast: Home! Here my routine: 1- Hot water with lemon, (detox) toasted bread with butter and anchovies ( omega 3 ) freshly made orange juice and a long coffee.

Favorite Breakfast spot: when I use to leave in NY : La Bergamote, on 9th Avenue/ 20th street.

Beauty and health routine: swimming as soon I wake-up

Skin: a gentle facial exfoliator made by Maria Galland Paris, and right after, “SISLEY YOUTH” an energizing creme by Sisley.

Where do you cut your hair: I use to do it myself or on set when we had a break between a shoot and the next one, but now at Aldo Coppola in Corso Vercelli, Milano – only Gianluigi Cargaro can touch my hair! To protect my hair from chlorine, I use Shuemura Camelia Essence Absolue.

Where do you shop in NY: Otte, 121 Greenwich Avenue and Flea markets in Williamsburg!

Describe your style: Modernly nostalgic??? (can you say that? )

Favorite brands: Ralph Lauren for the day, Giambattista Valli for the night, ACNE JEANS forever!

Style rules:-Always wear one piece that come from your family “archive” to keep your roots (mom’s old belts and jeans from the ‘70, dad’s old cashmere pullovers, grandma’s bags or jewelry etc… ). The most two important items of your look are your blazer and your shoes. These are investment pieces and are worth the $$$$. The rest can be from ( almost ) everywhere.

Favorite poet – a line from his or her poem: Walter Savage Landor

“I strove with none, for none was worth my strife:

Nature I loved, and, next to Nature, Art:

I warm’d both hands before the fire of Life;

It sinks; and I am ready to depart.”

Favorite season: SPRING, the season when I was born.

Favorite place: Up in the hills of Camaiore, Tuscany, where my family country house is.

Favorite texture: I love tulle, sexy see-through, but super classic e delicate.

Favorite color : Navy blue, I just find it the chichest color ever and it goes with anything.

Favorite book: Le Petit Prince By Antoine de Saint-Exupery’, Chapter XXI, when the prince meets the fox. The coesistancy of humans and nature, animals, the non-duality between a human being and his ambient, the love and the compassion, the most sweet and pure words that the fox says in this chapter, makes me cry and smile.

Favorite artist: Piero Fornassetti – His incredible, but pragmatic creativity.

Favorite fragrance: Rose by Roger Gallet, my grandmother’s perfume, it reminds me of her. I also use Tam Dao by Diptyque, a friend in NY introduced it to me, cant live without!

Favorite Decade: The ‘50s, indisputable “modern” elegance of both men and women.

Favorite Planet: This one, and we have to make sure to preserve it!

Favorite Flower: Camellia, it’s soft and smells amazingly.

What do you do before you go to bed? Hot water and magnesium, a cigarette and a book are a must.

Name: Sole, but everyone calls me Sunshine.

Occupation: Blazè 24/7

Passion: Corgis, horses, hunting, Flea markets, thriller movies … and travel

Hometown: Rome

Current Town: Rome

Favorite Cities: Rome, New York and Cape Town.

Favorite place to shop in those cities: Porta Portese in Rome, Ina in NY, and the Greenmarket Square in Cape Town.

Favorite place to dine in those cities: Nino in Rome, Tomoe Sushi in NY, my cousin’s home in Cape Town.

Favorite Breakfast: Fresh juice, eggs and bacon.

Favorite Breakfast spot: With my husband at home.

Beauty routine: Scrubs, homemade mask, creams, I drink lots of water and take vitamins.

Skin: I don’t leave the house without 50 SPF, and I use Sensai Cosmetics.

Where do you cut your hair: Riccardo at Castore e Polluce in Rome.

Describe your style: Feeling “cosy” is the best way to express yourself.   

Favorite brands: Valentino’s long dresses for dancing, Chloe ‘s romanticism for dreaming, and the comfort of Stella Mc Cartney for mornings…in any case always wearing a Blazè !

Style rules: The must have for every woman is a perfect Blazer that you can wear from the morning with jeans, ‘till the night with a long dress.

Favorite poet – a line from his or her poem: “If” by Kipiling

     “If you can fill the unforgiving minute

     With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,

     Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it…”

Favorite season: SPRING, SPRING, SPRING

Favorite place: My country home, my horses and the Roman sky.

Favorite texture: Everything that’s natural.

Favorite color: White because    it is simple, clean and bright, and black because it is rigorous but sexy.

Favorite book: “Le Sumo qui ne pouvait pas grosser,” By Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, because it reminds me of the most important person of my life.

Favorite artist: All the Degas ballet dancers …

Favorite fragrance: Jasmin, it reminds me of the Spring time, and my favorite tea – jasmine green tea!

Favorite Decade: 1980s .. when i was born

Favorite Planet: Venus, the first star I see at night.

Favorite Flower:  Frangipane, jasmine and orange blossom all remind me of Spring happiness and love.

What do you do before you go to bed? I drink and infusion while watching a good thriller movie or reading a book … and, if his not with me, call my husband.

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