Chef Luigi Taglienti Together With MB America Opens Lume Restaurant in Milan

Posted on June 16 2016

Chef Luigi Taglienti Together With MB America Opens Lume Restaurant in Milan by Roki Prunali

We couldn’t be any happier for our beloved Pretty Bird guest Luigi Taglienti. Last night, Tamu and I attended the opening of his much-awaited restaurant Lume. Nestled in the industrial architecture of the Naviglio Grande neighborhood, located in the ex factory of Richard Ginori in Via Giacomo Watt 37, this hidden all-white gem is a breathe of fresh air.

Lume is part of W37, an exclusive multifunctional space including housing, offices and spaces for events. The entire complex is managed by MB America, with their holistic view, designed and implemented the project as a whole: from the recovery and redevelopment of the property to the definition of the strategic plan, operational and development, and brand creation.

You all know how much we love Luigi Taglienti’s creations and finally we can experience them where he has creative liberty. “I am starting from me- says Chef Taglienti – the kitchen will have a strong foundation anchored in technique, experience and my professional history. A kitchen clearly legible, we can even reach a foreign clientele accustomed to high standards of catering, but at the same time find the grammar and the archetypes of Italian cuisine “.

There are three menus just in case you get bored easily. The main alla carte menu that varies with the season and then two tastings, a more traditional, Milanese influence and the other more experimental. We tasted some of his creations, well let’s just say we waited outside the kitchen for each tray of food to come out. And his imaginative concoctions are well worth the wait.

Hope that you Pretty Birds get a chance to make it to Lume during your visit to Milan.

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