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Chanel Le Rouge Collection N.1 by Lucia Pica

Chanel Le Rouge Collection N.1 by Lucia Pica By Tamu McPherson

This past June, I received a fun break from the men’s SS17 collection by way of an exclusive press trip to London to discover Chanel’s Le Rouge Collection N.1 and meet its creator, the recently appointed Global Creative Makeup and Colour Designer Lucia Pica, who coincidentally is the first Italian to hold this prestigious post.

To debut the collection Chanel organized a presentation at Somerset House that included a specially installed exhibition of inspirational images realized by Pica, followed by a demonstration by the make-up artist and a DIY session for all guests. The images featured in the exhibition were a visual diary developed by Pica to express the significance of the color red in her world and beyond. For her RED is a color in which you can find “strength and emotion, warmth and contrast,” an intense color that is “vulnerable, sensual and eternal.” Powerfully displayed as they were, the images encouraged the imagination to consider the endless possibilities that the Rouge collection could achieve in enhancing a woman’s beauty. I was immediately able to link the emotion and energy that I saw running through the images with the red tones in the collection, especially when I sat down to try out the products. It’s lovely to see how such FEELINGS can be translated to something so tangible, and then how you can use it to enhance your appearance – which is a sum of your internal and external beauty. I know that you are curious about my favorite item from the collection… wondering huh… Lol, it’s Illusion D’Ombre Velvet, 132 Rouge Contraste.

During Pica’s introduction of the collection and her demonstration, I got a huge sense of her personal passion for her work, the thoughtfulness that lay deep in the foundation of her craft, and the energy that she infused into her first collection for Chanel. I also couldn’t help being swept away by her spirit and beauty – the woman is stunning and so is her collection. Congrats to her and Chanel!

Discover Chanel Le Rouge Collection N.1 below.

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