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Carolina Molossi

Hey Pretty birds,

I spotted Carolina one month ago at Eats Excelsior while I was doing my Sunday evening grocery shopping. I loved her style the moment my cart crossed her stylish path. And, I was so excited when our mutual friend suggested that I photographed her for my second Gucci holiday post. Here are some brilliant pics that I snapped of her this morning wearing Gucci’s crackled metallic leather loafers. Enjoy!

TMP: Hi, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m so excited that Y introduced us.
Carolina: I was really happy when Y told me that you were going to shoot me, because I already new you from your blog, seeing you at the shows, and I really like you work.

TMP: What do you do?
Carolina: I’m a philosophy student. I’ll be writing my thesis and graduating soon.

TMP: What are your passions?
Carolina: Photography, books, art, cooking even though I’m not that great, and of course fashion.

TMP: What’s your favorite book?
Carolina: Le Petit Prince. It was my childhood favorite, and I believe that it still holds true today.

TMP: What’s your favorite work of Art?
Carolina: Botticelli’s Primavera.

TMP: Describe your style?
Carolina: I like to reinvent my style everyday! It can be inspired by anything I see that inspires and intrigues me, a book, an illustration, an interior design piece or even a philosopher I’m studying! It has to be minimal and odd at the same time!

TMP: Any style rules?
Carolina: I hate to feel overdressed, to me less is more! And I always mix an elegant piece with a casual and comfy one!

TMP: Why do you think the loafer is such an iconic shoe?
Carolina: I really like loafers on women because I always love a touch of menswear in a feminine look. Plus, they are timeless and you can always wear them.

TMP: What do you love about your Gucci Loafers?
Carolina: They always seem like a different pair of shoes, because of the way the light reflects off them.

TMP: You’ve paired them divinely with winter neautrals. What was the inspiration for your outfit?
Carolina: First of all I love white, I wear it all year round. I wanted to make a contrast between the fabrics, so I chose a really fuzzy jumper, suede jacket and added a touch of color with the iridescent shoes.

TMP: What will you be doing for the holidays?
Carolina: I’m probably will visit Petra, but I’m not sure because I have to study.

TMP: What gifts will you be giving this year?
Carolina: I will be giving my boyfriend, a warm chunky knit sweater, my mom a spa treatment, my bother something technological (he’s a tech geek), my friends & Other Stories beauty products and my dad a book.

Check out Carolina’s blog –

This post was brought to you by Gucci.

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