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Candice Lake: On looking forward to 2013

To celebrate the incredible year that 2012 turned out to be and to welcome the promise that 2013 holds, I reached out to some of the women who inspire me the most to find out their thoughts on 2012 and goals for 2013. My seventh guest is my dear friend and fellow style blogger/photographer Candice Lake. Candice is like a style sister to me, at any given moment during fashion month we can be heard swooning over similar things that we are dying for. To find out what exciting trip she’ll be taking in 2013…

What did 2012 teach you?
That anything is possible.

Three words you would like to use more often in the New Year.
I want to start ‘pilates’
I want to take more ‘holidays’
I want to do more ‘personal projects’

One person you would like to thank while 2012 is still here.
My fiance.

Someone you would like to meet in 2013.
The artist Taryn Simon.

A trip you will definitely take in the new year.
I’m going to India for the first time ever for my honeymoon.

The first piece you will add to your wardrobe in the new year.
A white pant suit, Bianca Jagger wedding suit vibe – OBSESSED!

Your top project for 2013.
Oh I wish I could say, it is really exciting!!!

What would you like to improve about yourself in the new year?
Spend a little more time at home and as I say every year… learn how to cook!Your first e-mail or text of the new year.

Who are you writing it to?
I will be by the beach with many of my favorite people and I plan to turn my phone off!

Something that won’t be missing from your new year’s table.
Champagne… lots and lots of champagne.

The soundtrack to your new year.
Bo Diddley – I know it is old school, although he never dates.

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