CA&LOU f/w 2015-16 – Space Glow

By Serena Belcastro

 We had a chat with Carolina Neri and Bérengère Lux, designers for jewelry brand CA&LOU, about their new f/w 2015 collection – with us there was also artist Bruno Grizzo, whom they collaborated with for the presentation of the collection during the recent Milan fashion week.

Read on to discover the ideas and inspiration behind these shining creations.

How was this collection born? What inspired you?
The inspiration for this collection was space: planets, celestial bodies, satellites, galaxies, solar explosions. Jewelry with stark lines, with stones cut as if they were asteroid fragments.

What kind of woman do you imagine wearing your creations, and what kind of woman do you think loves to wear them?
We think that Cate Blanchett’s timeless and refined elegance is very close to the CA&LOU’s spirit. However, we think that our jewelry can be a chance to dream for any woman who wears them.

Is there a specific muse behind this collection?
For this collection we looked a lot at an iconic Jane Birkin picture from the Sixties, where she’s wearing a silver total look. Very modern and futuristic!

What was the starting point for developing the presentation?
We wanted to showcase our jewelry in a way that would highlight them in an unusual way, that was still respectful of the spirit of our brand and of this collection’s inspiration. When we saw Bruno Grizzo’s images while browsing online, we immediately recognized the right path!

How did your collaboration start and how was it to work with him?
When something has to happen, it happens very naturally. Bruno, besides being an incredible artist, is an extremely agreeable and enthusiastic person, and he took an immediate interest to our project. We all worked hard and in a short time we were able to create exactly what we desired. The presentation is the result of a common vision; an incredibly stimulating experiment.


Was this the first time ever you collaborated with CA&LOU
Yes This was my first time working with Carolina and Berengere!

How was this experience?
It was great working with them because they pretty much let me do whatever I wanted to do within the theme of the collection. This was at the same time good but also challenging, especially because I was in NY and they were in Italy. I’d send them the drawings via email and we would discuss via FaceTime or Skype. They had sent me the jewelry already so that made it a bit easier. But it was fun and satisfying at the end. I love collaborating and Ca&Lou were lovely to work with, inspiring actually! They have a vision which makes things easier.

Tell us about the idea behind the presentation.
The presentation was a new way of showing jewelry with illustrations. They wanted to continue the same format from the previous presentation with light boxes, but the illustrations added a charm to it.

What did inspire you this time and what does inspire you in general?
The jewelry inspired this entire series really. Each piece sort of dictated what the illustration became. In general, it can be anything from films, books and art, graphic design, nature. I never know where things come from, sometimes its just about sitting in the studio and once I start working the inspiration comes.

As a fashion illustrator, is there any difference in your approach to jewelry illustration compared to fashion or accessories?
Yes, whats special about the jewelry is that its an object which has to be integrated into a drawing, it is part of it. There is also the layer of photography added in and all of the above is quite different from a fashion illustration . That is more organic in a way.

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