Breast Cancer Screenings

Posted on October 05 2014


Hey there Pretty Birds,

We kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with news of Stella McCartney’s Gemma Relaxing lingerie set.

I just wanted to follow up and ask those of you who are 38+ (like me) if you’ve been screened or have scheduled a screening this year? I just had my first screening by ultrasound last Thursday, and I am very thankful to say that everything checked out OK.

I found out that I had to be screened earlier this year (at 38) when I visited my gynaecologist in March after feeling what I thought was a lump during a self-breast exam. She happens to have done a specialisation in breast examinations and examined me in her office where she determined that what I felt at home wasn’t a lump.

After our visit, she explained to me that I should schedule an Ultrasound screening later this year (I turned 38 in July) because the starting age for screenings had dropped down to 38 because more cases are being diagnosed with the practice of early screenings.

Currently in Italy, women under 50 are screened by Ultrasound because as women grow older and approach menopause, their breasts change and become less dense or solid. The tissue of younger women’s breasts is usually more dense than that of older women and can show up as white areas on the x-ray (Mammogram). Breast cancers also show up as white areas on x-rays. This makes breast cancer more difficult to detect in young women (

I know that screening practices differ around the world, so please speak with your physicians to identify the appropriate screening method.

And please keep the women struggling with this horrible disease in your thoughts and reach out to help in any way you can.



Here are some websites that I found helpful in preparing this post:

Image courtesy of The Keep Calm-O-Matic.

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