Breast Cancer Awareness: Low Glycemic Diet

Posted on October 19 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness: Low Glycemic Diet by Roki Prunali

You all know my stance on sugar, and how we should try to cut out excess sugar from our diet. I am here once again, to reiterate the importance of lowering your glycemic level especially since we are on the topic of diets that help to prevent and fight breast cancer. Tumors feed off of sugar; so let’s try to avoid this enemy. There are many foods that we may not associate with sugar, but which are in fact  heavily packed with the troublesome ingredient. Here are some easy ways to stay away from these culprits.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Low Glycemic Diet

Sugar and Syrups– white or brown, honey, maple syrup, fructose syrup
Try Instead: Natural Sugar Extracts like agave, stevia, Xylitol.

White or Bleached Flours– white bread, white rice, muffins, bagels
Try Instead: Mixed Wholegrain Bread, wholegrain/black/ Thai rice, quinoa, millet or buckwheat.

Potatoes– sorry Pretty Birds, it is best to avoid them in every way (we are talking white potatoes)
Try Instead: Lentils, peas, beans, sweet potatoes, yams.

Breakfast Cereals– I cannot stress enough how much sugar is in your morning cereals.
Try Instead: Oatmeal, porridge, or Muesli.

Jams and Jellies– have you ever seen the amount of sugar that goes into making a jam? You should definitely try to stay away from these.
Try Instead: Fruit low in sugar is the way to go. If you can’t live without them, fruit jams made only with fruit and no added sugar are available at your local organic store.

Sweetened Drinks– sodas, high sugar fruit juices
Try Instead: Make your own infused water or green tea or other herbal teas. 

Alcohol– I would stay away mostly from cocktails, or high alcohol content spirits.
Try Instead: If you are like me and cannot stay away, opt for a glass of red wine.

It is a hard battle cutting out this adored part of our daily diet, but trust me you will feel so much better if you minimize your sugar intake. I am not here to tell you how I am perfect, and that I am able to avoid it completely. I mean come on, I do live in Italy and need my pasta and gelato every once and a while.

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