ATPB’s Top 5 Picks for Healthy Snacks While Travelling

Posted on July 07 2016


ATPB’s Top 5 Picks for Healthy Snacks While Travelling by Roki Prunali

I hope that this summer brings you Pretty Birds lots of travelling, because there is nothing better than seeing the world. One of the setbacks of constant travelling, whether it is for work or pleasure, is trying to eat healthy or stick to your diet if you are following one. We here at ATPB tend to pack our snacks when we know we will be away from home or on the plane for a while. So whether you are taking an adventurous long road trip, an exhausting long flight or just simply away from home pack yourself a snack to get through your trip. Here are our favorite healthy snacks we love to take with us when we travel.

What do you Pretty Birds pack when you travel?

1. Cashews and Almonds– The perfect snack when your hands are tied up and don’t want to make no mess. Tamu tends to opt for Cashews because she has overdone it in the past with almonds, but I am still going strong eating my almonds. If you are feeling in need of salt, pick the cashews, but travelling some place hot I would stick to almonds so you don’t get dehydrated.

Cashews Almonds

2. Apples, Pears, Peaches– Fruit is always a healthy, easy to find snack. If your blood pressure is getting low, opt for fruit with a bit higher sugar intake, but staying with an apple or pear will be a lower sugar option if you have a high glycemic level like myself. Tamu, Michela and I all answered fruit as our go to travelling snack.


3. Dark Chocolate– Tamu loves her chocolate. While she normally goes for milk chocolate, she knows that if she is going to go down that road, dark chocolate is always the better choice. It is a great pick me up to hold you over to the next meal.


4. Dried fruit- When picking your dried fruit, make sure there is no added sugar. Try figs, apricots, apples or Tamu’s favorite mangoes. Just don’t overdo it, remember that eating one piece of dried fruit is the same as eating the fruit in its pure form, just minus the water. Yup, calories.

Mango Prunes

5. Bars– I always keep a bar in my purse, I mean you never know. Super easy and filling and you can get crazy with all the different kinds. I opt for a raw bar, or one with a nice mix of nuts. I grab for Nature bar in coconut, while Michela loves her Vita Snella Cereal Yo, made with yogurt and mixed berries. I wish I had enough time to make my own bars, any of you Pretty Birds have a good recipe for me?


Also never forget the water to stay hydrated. Get tired of natural water, try some invigorating sparkly water or some herbal tea to give you that energy without drinking a soft drink.

Happy Travelling!


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