April 7th 2016: World Health Day

Posted on April 07 2016

April 7th 2016: World Health Day By Kristi Veliaj

Once again this year 2016, April 7th, marks the celebration of World Heath Day. The entire day will be dedicated to raising awareness about a very important topic: our physical and mental health. This year, the World Health Organization has decided to focus on an illness which has been spreading quickly and consistently, affecting four times as many people since 1980: Diabetes.

This disease, which has spread increasingly over the past century, may be triggered by numerous factors, as it can be genetic and hereditary or simply the result of bad habits. Not enough physical activity, a poor diet, and excessive amounts of certain nutrients and sugar in foods which have been genetically processed are the main causes of obesity which in turn increases the risk of developing diabetes. Today, Pretty Birds, we are sending out this  message to remind you of how important it is to take care of your bodies (both inside and out), in order to prevent any illness and physical discomfort. Here’s a brief video that will help you better understand this illness and what causes it.


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