7 Steps to Perfect Feet

Posted on August 04 2015

7 Steps to Perfect Feet

By Michela Marra

Hi Pretty Birds,

summertime means sandals and sandals mean our feet are fully exposed.  Here are some tips for prepping your feet to perfection so you can show them off at any time.

  • Clean your toenails and remove nail polish with a delicate nail polish remover that will eliminate even the slightest residue.
  • Cut and file your toenails in the desired shape using an emery board. If necessary, start by using the side that is coarser and finish off using the finer side.  Our advice?  Always file from the outside going inward towards the centre with light strokes.  Never cut nor file the corners as this will weaken the nail’s resistance, facilitating its growth.
  • Gently massage the contour of your toenails with a cuticle oil then soak your feet in warm water with some bath salts. Do this for at least 10 minutes (you can also take advantage of this time by getting a relaxing massage).
  • Dry your feet and massage any calluses with an exfoliating cream. Go over heels repeatedly and then once again immerse your feet in water to easily remove dead skin cells.
  • Rinse your feet with cold water to stimulate blood circulation then dry carefully, especially in between your toes.
  • Apply an emulsion and a de-stressing foot gel and massage once more.
  • Choose your favourite nail polish and finish off with a protective top coat.


Dissolvant Rose extra douxu by Mavala removes nail polish very quickly.

Nail Polish corrector by Mavala has an acetone-free formula that is rich in active nutrients and instantly removes any traces of nail polish.

Bottega Verde’s Pedicure Set is ideal for travelling; it includes professional pedicure scissors, nail clippers, an emery board and a pair of toe separators.

Huile Cuticule by Mavala keeps cuticles soft and supple.  This allows for the lunula to be pushed back easily thus ensuring a perfect contour of the nail.

Douglas Foot File eliminates calluses and hard skin.

Podovis Footbath callosity executes an effective preparatory action for treatment of calluses and hard skin.  It softens any thickened skin while the microspheres allow for a gentle exfoliating massaging effect.

Clarins Crèam Jeunesse des Pieds hydrating cream smoothes and reinvigorates tired, dry feet thanks to the properties contained in extracts from plants like cashews, shea butter, arnica, myrrh and thyme.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Crème Pieds is lipid-replenishing and smoothing.  It repairs and hydrates for 24hrs thanks to its Acacia honey-based formula.

Colorfix by Mavala forms a flexible, shiny veil which prevents nail polish from flaking.

Podovis Deospray 48 leaves skin feeling pleasantly “dry” and ensures natural hydration.

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