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5 Tips For What to Bring To A Thanksgiving Dinner

5 Tips For What to Bring To A Thanksgiving Dinner by Roki Prunali

No idea what to bring to a Thanksgiving dinner that you have been invited to? Is the host, let’s just say, the hostess with the mostess that has everything covered from A to Z? We’ve got you covered Pretty Birds, here are some fool proof gift ideas that will knock the socks off that host that thought of everything.

Flowers are always the perfect touch and can settle that dispute for gifting a host you may not know so well. My suggestion is to place the bouquet already in a vase, so the host does not need to leave her beloved cooking station to find you a vase. If you are not comfortable leaving one of your own, or do not want to spend the extra bucks, a simple mason jar will do the trick.

You can never go wrong with a great bottle of wine, because even if there is enough alcohol to get a whole Rugby team drunk, one day that bottle will be opened if not Thanksgiving night. Why not take it a step further and bring a great digestif. Everyone worries about the before cocktails, but something to help digest all that food you just ate, should also be at the top of your list of gifts to bring. Try Amaro Nonino which contains the flavors of Alpine herbs, fernet, spearmint and licorice.

Looking for something a bit different? Try some beautiful serving trays and plates. No host can ever have enough serving trays. I know that when I am plating that last side dish, I am feverishly washing something I already used, that doesn’t even work but has to do for that moment. Make their lives easier and bring them something to serve those delightful dishes, they worked so hard to serve you, on. Another thoughtful gift could be monogrammed napkins. It is super easy to find even paper napkins with initials on it. Anything monogrammed is just that much more chic.

Once everyone is in their turkey coma, there is bound to be leftovers, because what is Thanksgiving without the day after leftovers. Don’t be ashamed to come over with your own Tupperware. The host will be thankful that you take some of those leftovers off her hands and will definitely not have enough Tupperware to go around for all the guest.

With all the weeks of preparation and cooking all day, the last thing your host wants to think about is breakfast the next morning. Bring some ready made rolls to put in the oven quickly, banana bread or even some fresh croissants.
Pretty Birds, what are your ideas for great gifts for Thanksgiving dinner hosts?

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