5 Tips for Recovering from Thanksgiving

Posted on November 22 2015



5 Tips for Recovering from Thanksgiving by Roki Prunali

Already feeling guilty for all the food you are about to eat on Thanksgiving? I always psych myself out thinking how will I get over the aftermath of Thanksgiving dinner. What kind of cleanse am I going to do, I need to get into the gym for double days, no alcohol for a month…I am sure that these thoughts pass through most of your minds.

My first tip for you Pretty Birds is ENJOY IT; it happens one day a year (unless you have to go to multiple Thanksgiving dinners throughout the weekend). But I still am looking out for you Pretty Birds, here are some tips on how to get back into the groove after Thanksgiving dinner.

1) Try to give away as many leftovers as you can. If you have to keep something, keep the turkey or vegetables. This does not include the mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes, nice try. Up your protein and greens and ditch those sweets. Truth is your sugar intake is going to be rather high on Thanksgiving, and don’t think it is only coming from the desserts. Emptying out your fridge so you are not tempted to retry all those yummy dishes you indulged in will stop you from continuously indulging everyday after.
2) Start the next morning with hot water and lemon, it will help flush out the toxins and gives your digestive system a boost.
3) Do a high intensity workout the next day. This will help burn the food off as energy and will not be stored as fat. Try sprinting, a high intensity strength training, cardio dance or spinning.
4) Book your exercise classes before Thanksgiving for the weeks following for motivation to get yourself out there. If you know that you are already booked and for the most part paid for the classes, it will motivate you more to get to the gym. So start booking your classes.
5) Be consistent. I don’t need to remind you that in a month Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s and other holidays are coming up, which means the vicious cycle is about to repeat once again. Try not to exaggerate with your diet in the interim or else you will never get back on track.

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