2016 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

Posted on January 05 2016


2016 New Year’s Fitness Resolutions by Roki Prunali

With every New Year, comes the New Year’s Resolutions that we seem to never be able to keep throughout the whole year. Most resolutions revolve around our fitness goals and what we “want” to look like. In order to give you some motivation to keep your resolutions, I just wanted to share with you Pretty Birds our ATPB fitness resolutions for 2016 and some steps to take to ensure you keep your goals.

ATPB Fitness Resolutions

Tamu: To build on what we established in 2015 and elevate our fitness. To keep pushing and taking care of our minds and bodies on a 360° level.

Adenike: Would like to walk more instead of taking transportation or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

Michela: She wants to overcome her fear of skiing and has already booked lessons to make sure she does not back out. To finish off the winter season, she would like to do more Nordic trekking and when the weather starts to become more temperate continue with hiking.

Kristi: Wants to get stronger and faster in her running and get back into the swimming pool.

Roki: Yoga is always something I wanted to start, but I have always been a bit intimidated to try it. I would like to add something to my somewhat tough routine of kickboxing and strength training. So my resolution is to add yoga to round out my training and specifically would love to learn to do the headstand on my own.


With all these fantastic goals we want to attain, we need to make sure that we set ourselves up for success.

Steps to Keeping Your Goals

1. Be Realistic: This is always the first and foremost rule when setting objectives and goals. It does not mean that you are expecting to fail and are setting your standards low, it means to know yourself and what you are physically capable of and start from there.

2. Get a Support Group: You are not alone in making a resolution involving fitness for 2016. It will be easy to find someone like-minded that will motivate and push you to achieve your goal, and you will do the same for him or her.

3. Reward Yourself: It can’t just be all work and no play. If you have been sticking to your objective, treat yourself with a dessert or a nice new workout outfit. Or give yourself a couple of days rest from your workout if you are really pushing it.

4. Have Fun: Making sure you are having fun will create a pleasurable atmosphere that will give you success to sticking with it. If you are not a gym person don’t push yourself to getting in there, stay home (we have so many exercises for you to do at home) or get outside with some fresh air.

What are your 2016 fitness goals looking like?

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