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15 Must-See FuoriSalone Exhibitions

By Tamu McPherson

The Salone del Mobile design and furniture fair starts tomorrow here in Milan. If you’ve never been and are in town, it’s definitely a great time to be here as some of the leading designers and architects present their latest projects to the industry. Since its inception in 1961, the Salone has grown to immense proportions and has organically spilled out of the main exhibition space and into the streets, evolving into a range of installations categorized as Fuori Salone (which means outside the Salone). The Salone Del Mobile is still widely attended, but Fuori Salone presents a less institutional experience of what’s going on in the design world. So, for non-design experts as well as industry players, it’s a fun and easy way to participate in the weeks events.

With over 1100 installations to choose from, we thought it would be helpful to a select a few for you. Remember, we’re not experts, but here is a list of 15 exhibits that stood out when we browsed Fuori Salone’s official website. Let us know what you think and what you’re planning to see.

Airbnb and Fabrica Present Housewarming
April 14 – 17,  Palazzo Crespi, Corso Venezia 20,
Airbnb is partnering with Fabrica to host Housewarming, an interactive installation in the Palazzo Crespi. Housewarming will see the creations of 19 international designers from Fabrica who have interpreted the concept of welcome. Guests will be invited to interact with the designers, who will be installed in different parts of the Palazzo.
Registration is essential:

Art Home / ArT HOME Exhibition
April 14 – 19, Via Giuseppe Giacosa, 10
For this special occasion, “ArT HOME” opens the doors of its space showing an exclusive collection composed by unique artworks designed for this event by the artists with whom “ArT HOME”collaborates. Opening hours: 3 pm – 7.30 pm every day SPECIAL EVENT: Brunch AT HOME – April 19th – 10.30 a.m. / 15 p.m. The “ArT HOME” project arises from the idea of creating a direct connection between art, architecture, design and scenic design inside the apartments, thus appraising the character and taste of people living in them and drawing together art and everyday life. The individual becomes the protagonist and, through his home, expresses freely his desires, by implementing a process for the definition of his own life environment.

April 14 – 19, Via Giovanni Ventura, 14
Swiss designer Boris Dennler, renowned for his work with recycled objects, presents three new bold projects in Milan, with a more technological approach: an aerial office desk, a frozen pendant light and a Walnut mirror.

Carlton Hotel Baglioni / ‘AMAZING GLASSES’ Venini Glassworks by Italian design Masters
April 14 – 19, Caffe’ Baglioni @Carton Hotel Baglioni, Via Senato, 5
Curated by Vincenzo Basile (BASILE ARTECO), “AMAZING GLASSES” features Venini glassworks by Italian Design Ettore Sottsass, Gae Aulenti, Rodolfo Dordoni, Fabio Novembre, Carlo Scarpa, Elena Cutolo, Matteo Thun, Ludovico Diaz de Santillana,  and Tobia Scarpa. The exhibit showcases a selection of limited edition glass objects that were blown in Murano.

Consorzio La Trentina/ ‘A Designer A Day’ Fuorisalone2015
April 14 – 19, God Save the Food, Via Tortona, 34
Consorzio La trentina and Poli.Design show a new “special section” of the contest A Designer A Day with ad hoc projects developed by designers: Filippo Mambretti+Jennifer Carew, Emanuele Magini, Simone Simoncelli, Whomade, AUT. The projects will be exposed within God Save The Food, restaurant and cocktail bar in Via Tortona, during the Milan Fashion Week.

April 14 – 19, via Giovanni Ventura, 6
CROWDY HOUSE, the premiere (launch) platform and marketplace for the world’s best designers and makers, will present their 500+ designers and additionally be the exclusive shopping experience to buy the work of Ventura Lambrate’s exhibitors.

DAMN° & Mosca Partners / ‘A Matter of Perception, Products & Materials
April 14 – 19, Palazzo Litta, Corso Magenta, 24
Following last year’s extraordinary success, Mosca Partners and DAMN° have joined
forces along with some of the main international players on the design stage. One of the most anticipated events in the busy Fuorisalone program, the exhibit will take place at Quartiere 5 VIE in Corso Magenta 24, at Palazzo Litta, a fascinating example of Lombard Baroque architecture in the city centre. The theme of the project is Materials. A Matter of Perception, which is all about the origin of concepts; how materials affect and define an object or an idea, with the purpose of looking at things in everyday life in a different way. The interpreters include: Michele De Lucchi, Andrea Branzi, Marcio Kogan, Emmanuel Babled, Mario Trimarchi, Ben Storms , Jasper Morrison, Matteo Brioni.

De Vecchi Milano 1935 / Follow the rope!
April 14 – 19, Via Santo Spirito, 14
Discover the world of De Vecchi Milano 1935 with a fascinating journey made of design and history : this is the exciting trip through the streets of the Furniture Fair and the Fuorisalone. The collections of the historical Milanese company cross on a journey through “Reflections and Materials” and discover themselves in all their exquisite beauty. Design lines that run through the corners of the metropolis following the various stages and events, and only one route: the one signed by De Vecchi Milano 1935.

Domus: Youthful Stories
April 14 – 19, Bastioni di Porta Nuova, 9 Milano
Domus, the iconic magazine that discovered, created and nurtured entire generations of extraordinary designers, presents “Youthful Stories – Storie di ventenni” at Design Week. For the first time ever, this event will reveal initial experiences that contributed to shaping the personality and profession of ten Contemporary Design Masters.

Gnam Box Café’ – Wait and See
April 15 – 19, via Santa Marta, 14
The Gnam Box Kitchen during the 2015 Milano Design Week will become a temporary private space: the “Gnam Box Cafè”. This place will offer the opportunity to take a break out of the “design week routine” to take a coffee, recharge your mind, take a breath and chat with us and our guests. We will schedule meetings to have the chance to talk with interesting people. Every day different people, different point of views. Food will be the chance to start talking about everything. Because we want to speak about design, but we want to do it in a welcoming place, were everyone can fell like at home, with friends.

Greece is for Lovers & Angelos Bratis / ‘Only the Tanned Survive’
April 14 – 19, Corso Monforte ang. Via San Damiano
Showcased in the windows of the centrally located Bel Boutique in the San Babila design quarter, ‘Only the Tanned Survive’ is the joint presentation of fashion designer Angelos Bratis and creative design studio Greece is for Lovers. In a southern solidarity spirit, the group will present a selection of their creations from the fields of fashion and product design.

I’m not weird, I’m limited edition
April 14 – 19 – Residenze Litta, Corso Magenta 24
SECONDOME presents PADIGLIONEITALIA: “I’m not weird, I’m limited edition”. An alchemic cooperation between Secondome and Padiglioneitalia mixes 100% italian design and manufactory. There are several links that connect Secondome and Padiglioneitalia: sperimentation, research as well as the choice to abandon the mechanical production in favor of craftmanship. Those are the premises for a collection, in numbered limited edition, which includes pieces set to explore the inner potential of the mix between deeply different materials such as glass and metals. The results of those experiments embody the Aristotelic process of power becoming act: objects whose idea seems familiar yet are different from the usual, whit original, entirely new and shapes indeed weird. The designers involved in the project are: Gio Tirotto, Alhambretto, CTRL ZAK, Alessandro Zambelli, Matteo Cibic, 4P1B, Giorgia Zanellato, Zaven and Marco Raparelli.

Land Rover Presents Unstoppable Spirit
April 14 – 19, Piazza Gae Aulenti
“Unstoppable Spirit”, a majestic sculpture measuring more than seven meters in height installed at the center of Piazza Gae Aulenti where it is surrounded by Milan’s new sky scrapers. The project is the fruit of a colaboration between Gerry McGovern, Design Director at Land Rover, and the Italian artist Nino Mustica.

@HOME with
April 14 – 19, Via Laura Solera Mantegazza, 5
Open house in a Milanese apartment furnished with the collections of the online design brand. An exceptional location in which to see, touch and try out individual furnishing objects, but also a place in which to relaxand feel right at home.

Fondazione Studio museo Vico Magistretti / ‘I’ve travelled the world…’ Magistretti Voyages Projects
April 14 – 19, Via Conservatorio, 20
The exhibition narrates Vico Magistretti’s voyages on a dual register: the first follows the gaze of the tourist, captured in black and white photographs from 1947 to 1960, a gaze that shifted from “amazement” to very careful attention to details he would later return to and rework in his projects of design and architecture, often with humor, always in a very penetrating way.

All info presented here was found on Fuori Salone’s website. Please visit for additional details.

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